Affordable airplane tickets - how to reserve it?

Posted on 14/05/2018 10:30am

When Poland join the members of EU a lot of things had modified in our country, mainly in financial ways. We are much more wealthy than two decades ago, families can afford to visit any nice location without spending a fortune on it.

Nowadays, we can use an offers from small airline carriers, which may be really affordable, if just you know how to reserve it properly.

Choose the best date

Author: Dimitris Graffin

This is the most important issue about your future vacations, cause totally different prize you will pay for the same flights, when you only book it fast enough. Beside, don't forget, that hot season is a lot more popular among most of the travelers, therefore airline companies aren't providing lowest price. That's why, first you better think of a date of your vacations, maybe you should pick September instead of August? Weather in most of situations will be identical, but prices of airplane tickets and hotels may be much cheaper. Also, during low season you will enjoy nicer time, without huge crowd of people on the beach and near the area of common attractions.


Next option to save much when you are booking your flights is to select a proper luggage. Each of smaller carriers are providing one item of regular size valise in price of a ticket, it should be enough for entire holidays. However, remember about regulations, because carry on valise is flying on board with you, so no hazardous materials are allowed inside of it.

If you want to take some cosmetics with you, every fluid have to be placed inside of small bottles and gather in a transparent bag. Also, don't take objects with sharp edges with you, cause security will throw it away. If you like to take a registered valise anyway, maybe consider to share that with your friend?