Prepare for a flight to United States

Posted on 23/04/2020 7:50am

USA are one of the most popular travel destinations between Polish citizens today. Every year plenty of individuals from our country are visiting this amazing land.

However, when you like to go there either, you have to prepare yourself a lot. There are a lot of rules for tourists from outside the States, that you must to know of.

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When you're a Poland's inhabitant, you need to get a special sort of visa to go for a trip to USA. It is not very easy to get it, but plenty individuals have a positive answer for their applies. Before you purchase an airplane ticket, you have to deal with it. At start go online and book a meeting with American consul. The embassy is available in Warsaw and Cracow. You will wait for that even couple of months, so don't waste the time! Next step is conversation, face-to face, so you need to be prepare for a trip to any of those metropolis. Consul will ask you a couple questions about your financial condition, work, family status. But the most important is your criminal history, when you don't have any, you'll probably get your visa without any problems.

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Another, important thing is preparation for your journey. Trip to the United States is really long, it is taking not less then twelve hours. It is really long, so when you don't wish to have any blood cloths in the veins after that, you need to use some longer walk before your flight. It'll help you to rush up the circulation of blood.

Beside, don't forget to get up to take a walk while being on board, not less than three times. Longer journey is often really boring, so do not forget to take interesting book or nice TV show with you. It will help you to kill with time.