Trip within Old Continent for a penny

Posted on 30/11/2022 8:47am

After Poland became part of European Union, a lot of things had modify. Not just many borders became open for us, also, we are able to travel for a penny. All of that thanks to cheap airline carriers, which started to create new lines from our land. Here are couple fascinating options for you.

If you are looking for cheap flights Germany is very good destination. A lot of individuals from Poland are working in there, therefore airline companies create plenty of fascinating flights. Not just
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capital is open now, but also different places, like Munich and Frankfurt. You can go there for city break or entire vacations (). Even if you are going for a work, you may use some cheap flights Germany isn't very far away, but it's always convenient to shorter your journey from six to 2 hours. To get the best deal, you need to reserve your flight several weeks ahead.

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At the moment, plenty of Polish people are living in United Kingdom. Beside, they are trying airline connections from the capital of this land. If you are interesting in city break alternative, you should book flights from London to Vienna. Maybe this city is costly when you are earning in Zloty, but for an individual who are earning Pounds, it will be the best place. Capital of Austria is and use to be very interesting area (favorite newspaper). It has plenty of amazing building, great art exhibitions, and a lot of restaurants, which are serving delicious cuisine. Vienna is city accurate for each term of the year, so you don't need to be worried to get bored, in autumn for example.
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Because of the cheap airline carriers, touring with a plane, which use to be a luxury, nowadays is really trivial. And doesn't matter if you are staying in Poland or in UK, you may travel whole around the globe. When you want to visit family in German, or to admire Secession paintings in Vienna, you have a chance for that.